Domestic natural Turafu full course (reservation for 2 people ~)

Domestic natural Turafu full course (reservation for 2 people ~)

By using a coupon22000 yen

※ tax excluded

The number of dishes
Maximum number of people

Fugu used domestically produced naturally raised over 4 years (about 40 cm, over 1.5 kg.You can satisfy us because we use more than one blowfish for two people.

Course menu

<First afternoon> Three types of blowfish skimmed Japanese homemade dressing

<Orientation> Ridge (Thin construction · Three types of blowflies jelly) with homemade ponzu

<Pottony sauce> Yasuragi style baking Fukuoku 5 species of prime (Haras · Hojo · upper body · skins · Ryo)

<Fried food> Yasuragi of Fugu 3 different flavors to rise up (Kama · spine · upper body)

<Nabteshi> Tightly (Ara · Shabu-shabu · Chinese cabbage · Mizuna · Carrots · Shiitake mushrooms · Enoki mushrooms · Maloney · white onions · tofu)

<Meals> Mako soup (ovary) · incense

<Dessert> Three kinds of blowfish skin and jelly of apple Tattoo · honey butter of sweet potato

※ Please make reservations for more than 5 people by phone.

* We will call you from the store (06-6940-7636) with detailed confirmation of reservation.

Please acknowledge that as soon as we have confirmed your reservation, your reservation will be confirmed.

※ If you have poor foods, please tell us at the time of reservation.

2018/11/25 update

Reservation deadline
Until 15 o'clock on the desired date of visit
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays